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British Cambridge College (BCC) is a registered non-profit college founded by a group of educators and social entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe and North America.  BCC currently has over 60 approved centres across Asia.  BCC and its partners also provide free  education to thousands of children and orphans in the rural areas of Asia. BCC has developed a wide range of educational programs which are accredited by awarding  bodies and accrediting agencies in the United Kingdom.  These programs are currently being taught at various universities, colleges, schools and training centres across Asia.
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ACCREDITED All programs are accredited by awarding bodies in the United Kingdom. AFFORDABLE The most affordable and internationally accredited programs from United Kingdom FAST TRACK Complete your entire Diploma, Degree or MBA between 10 - 24 months FLEXIBLE Study Any time Study Anywhere On Campus or Online INTERNATIONAL Obtain internationally accredited qualifications at local prices RECOGNIZED Recognized by colleges, companies, governments and universities